Check Calls Book ons and Off Procedure Information

Check Calls Book ons and Off Procedure Information

Please see below a reminder of how you should book on and off duty using the automated phone procedure or the employee App. This information is currently contained within your Assignment Instructions and will be updated in due course to reflect the use of the App. Please ensure you follow the guidance below and if you are in any doubt if you should be booking on/off please raise this as a matter of urgency with your Supervisor or Manager.

Colleagues based on certain sites are required to conduct a ‘Book On’ at the beginning of the shift and in some cases a ‘Book Off’ at the end.  This requirement is detailed within the Assignment Instructions.  Where this is in place, it is there to ensure that colleagues have arrived safely to their work location and to ensure that the required shift coverage is in place.  It also helps with the accuracy of payments to colleagues by having the most accurate data on the system.

Check calls are put in place to ensure colleague welfare, these are generally set up on sites where there are less people at the location.  It is important that check calls are conducted properly in order that any assistance can be sent promptly if required. Details of check call requirements will be contained within the site specific Assignment Instructions.

It is a requirement that Book On/Offs and Check Calls are made using the automated telephone system or via the Timegate App within the allotted times determined by the location.  If these means are not used, this results in unnecessary escalation and takes resource away from dealing with potentially significant incidents involving life safety.  Routine reporting is conducted on compliance, disciplinary action may be taken against those who continually fail to meet call windows using the correct method.

Calling the Security Operations Centre (SOC) to conduct Booking on/off or check calls must only be used as a last resort if the methods below do not work.  Each call to the SOC for these calls will be reviewed and followed up with the respective account manager.

Automated Phone Call Procedure


This can be used for Booking on, Booking Off, and conducting Check Calls.

1.     Dial 01753 513900

2.     You will be promted to select 1 for Book on, 2 for Check Call, 3 for Book Off

3.     You will then be requested to enter your Site Number followed by #

4.     You will then be requested to enter your PIN (pay number) followed by #

If your call is not accepted then please call 0203 3191750 and select the Security Operations Centre,


Employee App Setup

The App is available from the Apple App Store for iOS Devices or Google Play Store for Android devices.

1.     Download the Timegate Employee App from the relevant store

2.     Once it has downloaded,  Open it

3.     Click ‘Allow’ when asked if ‘Timegate would like to send you notifications

4.     When you reach the register page, do the following

a.     Enter 252 as the Timegate Code

b.     Leave on Single User Mode

c.     Click Register

5.     On the next page you will be asked to enter your Timegate PIN  this is your staff identification number


6.     Please click on Book On, and then you will get a message about using Location Services.  Please select Allow While Using App, so that your location is validated when booking on and of.  This is a one-time question

7.     Once logged in if you are setup as a portal user you will see a link for the Portal, you will see the company logo and the company colours will also be shown from now on





Employee App Procedure


1.     Open the App

2.     Click on Book On








3.     Select Book On, Check Call or Book off

4.     Enter SIN (Site Number)

5.     You will then get confirmation

If this fails please dial 0203 3191750 and select option for Security Operations Centre (as a last resort)




Duress Calls


A Duress call is made if you want to notify the Security Operations Centre (SOC) that you need assistance without necessarily letting anyone around you know. An example of this would be you have been confronted by an intruder and informed them they must make a Check Call. The method for making a Duress Call is to press the *(asterisk) instead of the #(hash) key when making a call.